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Real estate agents…keep cats close at hand

May 4, 2012

Besides coaching other agents, I maintain a nice sales business of my own. It means I have to call people every day. Sometimes that’s fun — occasionally it’s not. Often on Friday when I just don’t want to talk to one more person about loan rates, reasons to buy a home, or places to go because they’ve fouled up a deal…again.

That’s why I live with cats. They do not care to be spoken to. They do not carry on conversations except with each other. But if you put their bed nearby, they will allow you to scratch their chins while they sleep. And marvel at their ears which move with sounds as they catnap. And you can say anything you like, and they will not hold it against you.

If it’s not on your schedule…it doesn’t exist!

May 2, 2012

Just because as a real estate agent you are your own boss, just because you are an “independent” contractor and have no boss watching you, does not mean you can ignore lead generation.

But lead generation or prospecting for business is the most disliked part of our business, wouldn’t you agree? How many days have you done everything else first? Until there is no more day left?

So, let’s trick your mind. Yes, our little drunk monkey brains will do what they are told. If lead generation is written on your schedule, colored in with the same color every day, you will be much more likely to do it. And do it when it’s scheduled.

The same for activities you like or owe your family–put them on the schedule as well. And you’ll find you are more likely to use the time assigned.

Anything that belongs in your life, belongs on your schedule.

Decide what your real estate lead generation focus will be

December 7, 2011

I listened the other day to an agent who was overwhelmed with the number of ways we are         taught or told to lead generate. Internet. Database mining. Constant snail mail. Constant email. Calling Expireds, FSBOs, around just listed and just sold properties.
This agent needs two things — and you may as well.
1. A coach
2. Getting help understanding where her strengths lie.
What are you doing right now to be sure you are following your strengths to top production?

Are you productive with your real estate business time?

November 22, 2011

What you hold in your mind with energy…and focus on…wil be created in your reality.
Read this a few times until you really hear it and understand it. Life does not HAPPEN to you… it is created by your attitude.
If you will calendar your lead generation time, break it down into activities like:
1. Call 5 people I already know and ask for a referral.
2. Contact 5 people I don’t know and put them in my database.
….and do it FIRST think in the day, you will already have completed your hardest work for the day and taken control of it.

Teasin’ ya….

March 6, 2011

Check here to learn how to Bucky….

My Favorite City in All the World

March 6, 2011
Now you've seen a snow roof rake.

Are you lucky enough to live in a place you love? I am. I’ve been here in Madison WI ever since my parents sent me to college at the home of Buckingham B. Badger…do you know how to Bucky? Better learn because one of these years soon the big red Wisconsin Badger football team will be #1 in the nation. Why I really love it here is the ability for just about anyone to own a great home. Yes, our prices start around $100,000 and range up to around a million–mostly to live on one of our three big lakes. You can live a short bus ride from our now-famous Capitol (center of the city) or to the UW in 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a 2-car garage, and your own dog park (spelled y-a-r-d) for something like $200,000. Take that California. And we only shovel snow about 5 times a year.

The rest of the time we’re playing golf, boating just 5 minutes away from home, seeing Broadway shows or more thoughtful theater, running our dogs or ourselves, having a stem cell transplant at the UW Health Sciences center, editing courses at one of the most forward-thinking universities in the world, or just gazing at some of the prettiest real estate in the world.

Your new home.

The Perfect Storm

January 31, 2011

Still waiting around to get into home ownership? How long do you think the current perfect condtions are going to exist? Here are 7 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Buy

1.Homes have never been more affordable. Do you realize that people are buying homes today at the same prices they were 10 years ago? The average monthly payment today is about 14.4% of income. In 2006 when prices hit the top, it was 25.1%! And even back in 2001 before prices were high, it was 20.1%.

2. Mortgage rates are at rock bottom …and won’t stay there. Rates are the lowest they have been in 50 years! As the economy recovers, the government will not continue to hold them down. Once rates begin trending upward, they can go up fast. A 1% hike in your interest rate results in a 10% increase in your monthly payment! And, it is still possible to get loans with 0-3% down.

3. Lenders are back in the game. Whereas they, like everyone else, has been uncertain and therefore unwilling to move, lenders now have plenty of money to loan and are looking to do so again. Citi Bank, for instance, in January 2011 began advertising special services to Keller Williams clients.

4. Prices are trending back up. Every major price index points to a housing market that has hit bottom and is moving upward, including in Dane county. Investors are buying development lots in Arizona and California, a leading indicator.

5. Sellers are motivated to sell. It’s still a buyers’ market. Given how many homes are sold each month, we have enough on the market here in Dane county for 11 months! Typically, many more will come flooding into the market as sellers wait for spring, and as lenders release another wave of foreclosed homes which they must sell. Smart sellers are offering great prices and super condition in order to be competitive.

6. Ownership costs are dropping below rental costs. The downturn in the housing market caused a drop in rental rates but rents are back on the rise while the cost of home ownership has dropped. If you are renting, you are simply buying real estate for your landlord! If you are an investor, it’s definitely time to buy as interest rates for investment properties are the lowest in history.

7. Home ownership is the American dream for good reason. Owning a home is still critical for most people to financial stability and wealth-building. A home serves as a forced savings account and provides a solid physical asset, as well as a place to live. Unlike the stock market, there is a bedrock value to all real estate because it is backed by real property and land. Imagine what retirement would look like if you owned one home free and clear? How about 2 or 3 or 10?

Check my website to look at everything that’s on the market within 30 miles of Madison, WI


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